People follow people — Let your personality shine

ShineIt takes a number of traits to spark a positive, emotional response when leading people.  One trait that is often overlooked by the inexperienced is to let your “real” self shine through the professional filters.  People follow people, they don’t follow empty suits.  The inexperienced often work so hard at scrubbing their workplace image that they end up coming across as an automaton.  Nobody gets charged up by robotic leaders, they want to feel a personal connection to you as an individual.

If you want to lead, you have to show your personality.  Let others see your emotions, character, and idiosyncracies.  Vary your temperament depending on the circumstances.  Make yourself vulnerable.

Of course, you can go overboard. We’ve all known people in the workplace that act unprofessional at times or share too much personal information.  Demonstrate some self-control by letting your personality shine, but don’t forget that you’re a professional.

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  1. cloedrap says:

    i like it a lot

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