4 Simple Ways to Beat Your Competition

soccer chaseWhether you are seeking an edge over other companies in the marketplace or other contributors in your organization, there are four, simple themes to distance yourself as a high performer rather than a mediocre one:

  1. Adaptive
  2. Hustle
  3. Applied
  4. Reliable

Adaptive is the practice of seeking wisdom, of listening to stakeholders and clients, of absorbing coaching, of learning from both successes and failures

Hustle is the dual activity of working hard and of working with urgency.

Applied is the practice of using your wisdom, experience, and urgent, hard work together towards value-add. It is seeing the non-obvious, putting action behind that finding, and getting the work finished to deliver the value.

Reliable is the quality of bringing your A-game all the time.  Every discussion, every email, every presentation, and every deliverable is contributing good or bad to perceived performance. Your stakeholders and clients need to be able to count on you.  If they can’t, they will find someone else.

How did you do on all four dimensions today?  Chances are, there is opportunity to do better tomorrow to further distance yourself as the go-to performer.

Share your thoughts below.  These topics will be covered in greater detail in the weeks to come.

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